A Cardano Staking Pool for Professional Blockchain Enthusiasts (coming soon)


Efficient Decentralized Staking Pool for Cardano ADA Tokens using the Ouroboros Settlement Layer Protocol.

Decentralized Staking

Stake your tokens through the Daedalus Wallet app. No third party applications or online registration required. Join Ada Coin Stake directly through Daedalus's delegation center.

Incredible Security

Our team has founded large software startups and built highly scalable applications. We've been involved with cryptocurrencies and the blockchain since 2013.

Managed by Experts

You can research and be informed about upcoming updates using our voting center. Ada Coin Stake pledges as your heavyweight delegate to vote with the majority of Ada Coin Stake participants.

Vote Delegation

Our goal is to bring professional experience and radical transparency to the Cardano staking community.

Tyson Quick | Founder

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